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Images from the Double Object exhibition and discussion on 14/6/08



Elizabeth McAlpine, Untitled 2008
four postcards, framed, 25x50.5cm
Courtesy the artist & Laura Bartlett Gallery


Jason Dungan, Two Proposals 2008
plaster sculpture with wood and pencil; slide projection, 60x20x20cm, slide projection dimensions variable


Jason Dungan discussing his work


Glenn Ligon, Double silver Self Portrait 2006
silkscreen, coaldust and acrylic on canvas, 2 panels each 25.4x20.3cm.
Courtesy Laura & Barry Townsley, London


one part of Windings by Vanessa Billy ... plus legs

Windings 2008, 2 concrete aggregate columns, plastic
Courtesy the artist & Limoncello gallery


Vanessa Billy discussing her work


Leigh Robb and the crowd discussing the exhibition


Dieter Roth, Dogs 1979
pencil on paper, 48x64cm
Courtesy Hansjörg Mayer, London


Sam Porritt, Untitled (about diplomacy?) 2008
office pens, white laminated shelf, wall drawing, wax, dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist & Brown


Sam Porritt and the crowd discussing his work


Maria Zahle, The Era 2008
painted wood sculpture and two framed collages


Maria Zahle discussing her work


One made from the other (2007) by Michel François
two aluminium spoons
Courtesy the artist


Bradford Bailey and the crowd discussing his work


Bradford Bailey, Untitled 2008
acrylic and cigarette ash on canvas, 45.5x35.5cm





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